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What is therapy and is it for me?

Therapy is a relational process in which you get to learn about yourself, ask the tough questions in a supportive environment, and build the confidence you need to believe that you can figure it out! There are a lot of different therapeutic approaches and often there isn't "one approach" that works best, but rather a variety of approaches that end up meeting your needs.

If you're ready to grow, click below to schedule a free 20-minute consultation and see if we're a good fit. 

Is telehealth for me?

Trailblazer Therapy offers telehealth services to busy teens and young professionals who do not always have time or energy to travel to an office for in-person sessions. We work with your schedule to make accessing support for your mental health convenient and effective.

We use Google's Meet video platform and send a unique link for each session. It's super easy to join your session.

Is my information secure with online services?

Trailblazer Therapy offers telehealth services that are conducted using a HIPAA compliant platform to safeguard your privacy. While online platforms are subject to privacy breaches, Trailblazer Therapy works diligently to minimize the risk.

What are your fees?

Trailblazer Therapy does not accept insurance. We are considered an "out of network" provider and we offer a super bill, upon request.

I'm a teenager...will my parents/guardians know what we talk about during our sessions?

If you are 12 years of age or older, you have the right to confidential services. This means that that we talk about stays between us! (unless you give me permission to share, or you tell me you're thinking about hurting yourself, hurting others, or someone is hurting you, then I have to get help!)

How do I get started?

  1. Click below to schedule a free 20-minute consultation

  2. Ensure you have a strong internet connection

The rest of the journey will unfold along the way. ​


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