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You May have arrived here if you...

  • Are feeling overwhelmed with adulting.

  • Are feeling unsure about your next step in life.

  • Are feeling burnt out at your dream job.

  • Are feeling more isolated from your friends, family, and partner.

  • Are feeling lonely and that the typical supports you've leaned on in the past aren't available.

Business Colleagues

Young Adults


Butterfly Pose

Work life balance


As a successful and high achieving young adult, you may be feeling completely alone as you try to navigate adulthood. Relationships, family dynamics, work stress, burn out, dating, sexuality, personal growth...There is so much that is often not talked about and this can leave you feeling completely isolated or like you're "doing it wrong". You may be questioning your career and uncertain about your next step. Transitioning into adulthood is often one huge change after the next. As creatures who thrive in routine, this can be overwhelming and intense. I'm here to tell you that you are not alone. At Trailblazer Therapy you are safe to explore what's next, without judgement.

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